Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the professional care we offer at Ryde Chiropractic, please read some of our patient testimonials from just a handful of the patients we have helped over the years.

Collette S, Ryde

“I am so delighted to have found this wonderful clinic! Roxanne and her team are extremely professional, caring and friendly. They offer contemporary and innovative therapies in a relaxing, peaceful, safe and spotlessly clean environment. I always feel so much better, brighter when I leave the building – that actually I can’t wait to return!

In particular, Roxanne’s McTimoney Chiropractic skills helped sort out my lower back and neck problem and I could not ‘do without’ the wonderful Christine Smyth’s Acupuncture and Massage magic.

I know that Roxanne and her team have and continue to work extremely hard to provide this ‘sanctuary of well-being’, and I have no hesitation at all in recommending this excellent clinic to anyone and everyone that requires treatment of acute and chronic problems of body, mind and soul."

Karen B, 47, Ryde

“I used to suffer from fairly bad headaches (bordering on migraines), which could last a couple of days and which painkillers usually didn’t touch. Despite trying various chiropractors and osteopaths over many years, nothing seemed to make the situation better in the long term, so I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to live with it. Then my husband suggested I tried Ryde Chiropractic Clinic, as he had been a patient for a while and thought I may benefit from a visit. I have now been a regular patient at the clinic for over 4 years and with monthly sports massage from Freya and quarterly visits to Roxanne for chiropractic treatment, I rarely suffer with any bad headaches and my quality of life is much improved.

I have always found the therapists at the clinic extremely helpful and always accommodating especially when you phone up wanting an urgent appointment! Since being a patient, other health problems have cropped up and I know that I can always ask for help or advice in the hope they can make an improvement, which they have.” 

David H, 79, Ryde

“My wife originally visited the clinic in 2009 with a back problem. She had 2 sessions with Roxanne, which provided her with the relief she needed. At the end of 2010 I decided a massage with Freya would help my physical well-being and so it proved. The neck and head part of the massage was excellent as a stress reliever. I have carried on with the massage sessions every month since then and my wife now has a massage on a monthly basis.

In 2012 I was in need of Roxanne’s professional help as I had been doing too much physical work. Within two sessions she had put everything “back where it should be” and I now have a session every two months, which I call my “MOT”.

The clinic is a perfect example of a well run business that is clean and has all the necessary facilities. The staff are friendly and considerate, which makes for a family atmosphere. Long may it continue!”

Diana B, 59, Ryde

“Some years ago, I attended Roxanne's practice because of almost continuous neck and shoulder pain and headaches. A few treatments later the pain had gone. I then visited her every six months for a 'maintenance' session. She made an amazing difference to my quality of life and doesn't just treat the painful areas but also rebalances the entire skeletal system. Previously, I had several lots of physiotherapy that, frankly, had been a waste of time. We have just moved to the mainland and I miss knowing that I can book in with Roxanne if needed. I'm only hoping that I can find a clone of her!”

Valerie C, Ryde

“The quality and skill Roxanne provides in her Chiropractic sessions means my body feels free and relaxed. The clinic is a very welcoming and comfortable environment in a professional setting.”

Andrew W, Ryde

“It's so nice having such a friendly and well balanced team of carers in my home town. I have suffered a lot over the years with back problems and a year ago was suffering from acute sciatica. Now after a few acupuncture sessions with Christine, chiropractic sessions with Roxanne and regular massage therapy with Freya, I feel up to doing cartwheels - well, I would If I knew how!”

Julia B, 49, Ryde

“I had a car accident when I was 20 and a back injury which would return to cause me a great deal of pain every couple of years. I would get a bit of treatment but it would always return. I gradually ground to a halt and was struggling with walking far without my back going into spasm causing me agony at the most inconvenient moment. I looked for a Chiropractor as I couldn’t face the harsher treatments that I have tried in the past. Roxanne was absolutely lovely in her caring and gentle approach. Her clear explanation of my condition and the pain that I was experiencing gave me great confidence in her skills. I felt prepared for the treatment and she made sure I was ready for everything that she did, as I was already pretty tense with pain and worried about what pain the treatment would cause. Roxanne was so gentle and would make sure that I was okay throughout her work on my back, and made sure that I knew how I should sit to help with long-term care. Over the treatment, I have gradually been able to move freely which I have not done for about 3 years. Chiropractic treatment was worth every penny. When I first came along I could hardly bend and my back would go into spasm that stopped me from just stepping down a kerb or getting out of my car. I managed to bounce around a dance floor recently and felt safe to do my ‘old lady, mum dancing’, much to my children’s embarrassment. The clinic is so professional but a friendly place to be. My experience gave me the confidence to take my daughter there too. Thank you Roxanne, you are just wonderful!”

Karen K, 49, Ryde

“I have had regular McTimoney Chiropractic treatment with Roxanne for back and neck pain. It is the best decision I have made and I have been pain free for a long time now. Would recommend to anyone.” 

Kirsty B, 31, Havenstreet

“I first visited Ryde Chiropractic through a friend's recommendation, as I had daily pain in my back and neck, poor posture and regular headaches. I found it difficult to move without pain. Since receiving treatment from Roxanne, my mobility has been greatly improved and my headaches are less frequent and less severe in pain. I have always received friendly, professional service and advice in a comfortable atmosphere at Ryde Chiropractic and would highly recommend it.”

Alison R, 73, Ryde

“I first attended Ryde Chiropractic because of three problems - the base of my spine was damaged at birth, my cervical spine was damaged at 18 months of age, due to a fall on the head, and, in 1988 I developed Transverse Myelitis, resulting in serious damage to the myelin sheath on part of my spinal cord. 
My daily life is affected by pain and discomfort in any part of my body, depending on where the referred pain is felt, but especially, through the transverse myelitis, in my left leg. My internal organs are also adversely affected.
I have been treated by Chiropractors or Osteopaths on and off for over 30 years. I have also tried various analgesics. The transverse myelitis was briefly treated by anticonvulsive medication, to which I was allergic.
I am very happy with the regular treatment I receive from Roxanne at Ryde Chiropractic, which both reduces the pain levels and increases my mobility. It is also good to know that I can bring my appointment forward if needed. I am grateful for the care I receive at the clinic."

Lynsey W, 30, Ryde

“Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies is like my second home, I am there at least once a week.
Initially coming to the clinic for Chiropractic with Roxanne for lower back pain and over the years I have gone on to have Massage with Freya, Acupunctue, Head Massage and Cupping with Christine and Yoga to Relax and Meditation and Mindfulness with Anne.
This team of amazing therapists are a great support for almost every aspect of my life, having been coming to the clinic for 7 years from the age of 23 I only ever tell people I don't know what I would do without this place!
My back pain gone I now come for 6 monthly check ups with Roxanne, monthly massages with Freya for remedial massage easing tension from my shoulders, I had acupuncture for fertility, morning sickness and relaxation with Christine and have learnt to relax and cope with everyday stresses with Anne, they all got me through my pregnancy with my now one year old!
A high quality service, with profesionalism and friendliness.
All I can say is if you are thinking of seeing anyone at Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies don't hesitate, it will be the best decision you ever make!"

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