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We first opened our doors here at Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies in 2005.
Since then we have expanded into a successful multi-disciplined therapy centre, earning our self a reputation for being a friendly and professional clinic providing pain relief and  a route to better health to thousands of patients on the Isle of Wight.

As well as Chiropractic the therapies offered at the clinic include: PEMF (pulsed Electro Magnetotherapy), Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Sports Therapy, Body Stress Release, Audiology/Microsuction, Reflexology, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Trauma therapy, Epley Manoeuvre, Allergy Testing, Microbiome analysis, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and more! 

Please take a look through our website to see all we have to offer and ways to get in touch.

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