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Chiropractic in Pregnancy

We are pleased to offer this unique treatment to pregnant patients from the 12th week of pregnancy onwards.
Beth will use the McTimoney chiropractic adjustments along with a variety of soft tissue techniques and releases specifically designed to alleviate tension, reduce pain and create an optimum space for the baby.

Beth has been qualified in massage and chiropractic for many years and more recently completed a course on biomechanics for birth. 

Each treatment is tailored to the individual depending on presenting symptoms and how far into the pregnancy you are, treatment can be given up until the day you give birth. Beth will be able to advise any exercises that can be done at home in between treatments, should she feel this would add to your treatment/experience.

If you wish to have treatment once the baby is here, it is recommended that you wait until six weeks after giving birth to allow the body time to recover. This would be booked as an existing chiropractic patient as the soft tissue work is pregnancy specific and is not for women that are post-natal. Beth can also recommend a paediatric McTimoney chiropractor, should you wish to seek treatment for your newborn baby.

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